Guitars get attention

To wrap up those promotions

We provide wrapped guitars for concert merchandise booths offering fans a special connection to their favorite performers. Concert tours and album releases simply multiply those promotional opportunities. Organizers of festivals and other events love our guitars sometimes offering them as sponsor gifts or collectible souvenirs. Businesses and organizations use them to get their name before the public in a fun, new way.

Guitars are a great symbol of the city's culture whether you are in Nashville, Austin, or any other highly musical community. Why not use them to get attention for your music, your event, or your favorite beverage?

The Graphic Guitar Guys offers multiple options:

  • A Basic Acoustic Guitar
  • A Premium Acoustic Guitar
  • An Electric Guitar in three styles

    • Les Paul
    • Stratocaster
    • Telecaster

  • Banjos
  • Drum Heads

We are open to new ideas/Willing to experiment. Go to the Contact Us page.

We can provide a template for use in designing guitars or customers may pay a fee for custom designs created by our artists.

Delivery should be anticipated approximately two weeks after
The Graphic Guitar Guys receive art design approval.